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How can I respond to spam complaints via email?

Some administrators have a scripted system for handling abuse complaints or just don't like to use a web browser in their daily work. SpamCop now provides the ability for administrators to respond to spam complaints via email.

Every SpamCop report includes an ID number in the subject line. This ID is used to report issues resolved or to report email and/or web sites as innocent parties. Keep in mind that you cannot claim innocence if SpamCop has identified you as the source of the offending message (see introduction FAQ on types of reports). This ID number is also part of the message-id. To extract the ID number from a SpamCop email in a script, you might use this regex:


Once you have the report id, you can send email to one of these addresses to report action:

To report an issue resolved:

To report an address as innocent:

You will not receive a confirmation, but if you want to confirm the system is working, you can always log out the web-browser and visit the resolution web page. This page will indicate issues that have been resolved and/or innocentized.
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